T.G.I. Friday's Restaurants Announces Plan to go Trans Fat Free

Carrollton, TX | February 15, 2007

In a move designed to make dining out healthier, T.G.I. Friday's restaurants today announced that by July 2007 all US T.G.I. Friday's restaurants® will be in compliance with New York City trans fat guidelines. The New York City guidelines call for the elimination of all oils, margarines and shortenings, in addition to par-fried items, that contain more than a half-gram of trans fat per serving.

"Friday's is committed to providing our guests healthier menu choices and this is one of the avenues in which we are providing this," said Mike Archer, president and chief operating officer of T.G.I. Friday's USA. According to Archer, T.G.I. Friday's has spent the past year reviewing products and conducting consumer research to ensure that any changes the restaurant chain makes in regard to oil will be transparent to the guest. "We have been very particular in regard to the type and brand of oil we will use across the U.S.," added Archer. "Taste, quality and consistency are non-negotiables. We will only accept excellence when it comes to our menu."

In addition, Friday's announced that by July 2008, the balance of the products, including dressings and desserts, used in its restaurants will be trans fat free.

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