Carlson Marketing Wins Major Incentive Industry Award

Minneapolis, MN | February 12, 2008

Carlson Marketing was awarded the Society of Incentive & Travel Executives (SITE) "Most Outstanding Sustainable Incentive Event" Crystal award for Oracle's "Club Excellence" program, an event that awarded top sales personnel and their partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with an elite travel opportunity.

Oracle tasked the Carlson Marketing UK team with planning a high-end travel event for 700 people that incorporated a requirement of giving back to the host community. Planners chose Cape Town, South Africa, as the destination.

Participants were immersed in the culture with opportunities to listen to African bands, eat foods from across the region and learn about South Africa through an "Amazing Race"-style game.

During their stay, guests also received a number of gifts including beaded necklaces from a community fundraising program and outfits (sarongs for the ladies and Madiba shirts for the men) produced by a small garment manufacturing project run by a local church.

The church had to hire 27 women, who worked around the clock for three months, to fulfill the 700 garment order. The ministry earned $29,000, and nine months later - thanks in part to that income - the group built a sustainable business, providing full-time employment for 39 people.

"Most people don't get the chance to change the world, but Carlson Marketing found a way to change some lives through a single event," said Fay Beauchine, Executive Vice President, Engagement & Events. In total, four community organizations received more than $73,000 USD, but much more in long-term dividends.

SITE established the Crystal Awards in 1980 as a means to recognize the unique blending of objectives and imagination that enable motivational programs to be successful in achieving business objectives.

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About Carlson Marketing Worldwide
Carlson Marketing helps global Fortune 1000 clients increase their ROI by designing and delivering sales and marketing programs that drive measurable results. Carlson provides its clients with cool new marketing concepts, coupled with rock solid delivery across its global service offerings: Loyalty Marketing, Incentive & Recognition Events, Business Meetings, Event Marketing, Enterprise Travel Solutions, Enterprise Engagement, Creative, Interactive, Peppers & Rogers Group consulting, and Decision Sciences measurement analytics.

Carlson Marketing employs 3,000 marketing professionals across 21 countries.

About SITE
Founded in 1973, SITE is the only international, not-for-profit, professional association devoted to the pursuit of excellence in incentives, a multi-billion dollar global industry. SITE provides educational seminars and information services to those who design, develop, promote, sell, administer, and operate motivational programs as an incentive to increase productivity in business. Currently SITE has over 2,200 members in 87 countries, with 35 local and regional chapters. Members represent corporate executives, incentive companies, destination management companies, travel & event planners, official tourist organizations, transportation companies, hotels and resorts, cruise lines, trade publications, and supporting organizations such as restaurants and visitors attractions.

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