Carlson Marketing Receives Top Award from Employee Involvement Association

Minneapolis | February 19, 2007

Carlson Marketing today announced that the Employee Involvement Association (EIA) has presented the marketing services agency with a 2006 Performance Excellence Award. The EIA is an internationally recognized organization serving professional managers and administrators of employee involvement and suggestion programs.

EIA's Annual Awards Program recognizes employee involvement and idea/suggestion programs, teams and individuals for outstanding achievement in the profession of ideas and suggestion systems management. The Performance Excellence Award that Carlson Marketing received is presented to the company in their industry sector with the best statistics for employee involvement. Carlson Marketing achieved a 100 percent participation rate for its regional employee involvement program.

According to EIA, high participation rates mean that a company is being successful in engaging all minds available and that everyone is contributing to company success through the submission of ideas for improvement. Research shows that high levels of engagement lead to increased productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

"We are honored to be recognized by EIA for our innovation and excellence in the area of employee involvement," said Jennifer Rosenzweig, global employee practice leader, Carlson Marketing. "The best features of our program are the team-based approaches that create positive energy as well as innovative ideas. For Carlson Marketing, this resulted in stronger teams, greater ownership of work, higher enthusiasm, better understanding of organizational roles as well as identified solutions that saved the company money. Building on the success of this in-house program, we have now created a next-generation innovation management offering designed to leverage the untapped resource of employee ideas to give our clients a competitive edge in the marketplace."

Launched this past year, the breakthrough offering called iThink, uses best practices in branded communications, recognition and rewards, along with online engagement tools. Carlson Marketing's iThink leverages employees' experience and engages them more fully, creating better, more productive workers and measurable, top- and bottom-line results.

"iThink provides a sustainable and easy-to-use online enabler that encourages employees to capture and share ideas," said Jon Von Rentzell, vice president, Performance Improvement, Carlson Marketing. "iThink captures and manages submitted ideas and provides incentives by which employees are recognized and rewarded for contributing ideas. By participating in iThink, employees and teams earn award points that can be redeemed for relevant rewards."

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