Bestselling Authors Dan Pink and Don Peppers Join Online Series with Carlson Creative Chief about How Innovation Leads to Increased Productivity and Profits

Minneapolis | May 31, 2007

1to1 Media and its parent company Carlson Marketing have produced a three-part videocast series in which three acclaimed authors and industry thought leaders explore how ideas and creativity translate into productivity and profits for today's businesses. The complimentary15-minute segments are available for viewing at "As corporations recognize innovation as the key competitive differentiator, demand for leaders who understand 'right-brain' creativity is soaring," said Jo-Anne Ebensteiner, senior vice president and chief creative officer, Carlson Marketing.

The three videocasts will focus on distinct aspects of how creativity is impacting business:

  • Part One: Breaking the Mold discusses how work habits and behaviors can enable creative thinking and action, and how employers can encourage innovation when colleagues and clients want to play it safe.

  • Part Two: Crossing Boundaries: The New Creative Culture explores the development of creativity on individual, group and organizational levels.

  • Part Three: Senses Working Overtime looks at how emotional factors, intrinsic values and the five senses impact creativity in business and marketing.

The three experts share their different experiences and ideas on a topic at the forefront of the business landscape. Dan Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, discusses the creative, empathetic "right brained" future that can enable personal and professional success. Don Peppers, co-author, with Martha Rogers, Ph.D., of The One to One Future and Return on Customer has written more than anyone on ways companies can connect to the emotional and rational minds of their most valuable asset: customers. Ebensteiner has focused her professional life on placing innovation and creative thinking in a business environment without allowing that context to become limiting for the project, client or the creative individual. The videos are moderated by John Gaffney, executive editor of 1to1 Media.

"Creativity is the one element of business success that companies can no longer afford to ignore," said Pink. "While some of the best, most innovative ideas are often spontaneous, in general, creativity is not random. Instead, companies that welcome fresh thinking and deviations from standard operations will lead the future and make special things happen."

Reflecting on the value of the videocast series, Peppers stated, "In the customer economy, organizations need to be flexible to respond to changing customer needs and emerging technologies. By nurturing a creative culture, enterprises are better suited to innovate the customer experience, drive loyalty and grow customer value."

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