Integrate Mobile Marketing Into Your Corporate Strategy: Find Out How in Upcoming Webinar

Minneapolis | September 10, 2007

Is mobile marketing just hype or marketing's next frontier Mobile marketing experts from Carlson Marketing Worldwide and Enpocket will delve into this topic at a September 19 webinar "Mobile Marketing Walks the Talk: Reaching Critical Mass on the Third Screen" at 10:30 a.m. Central time.

For years proponents of mobile marketing have talked a good game. The audience was touted rightfully as young, tech-savvy and ready to interact on a small screen. The medium was hyped as the "always-on" connection between its users and the next purchase. The actual number and profile of advertisers, though, was where the talk blended into hype. A Forrester Research report recently put the companies that have actually advertised via wireless platforms at fewer than 11 percent.

That's about to change. According to Carlson Marketing's mobile advertising solutions partner Enpocket, 89 percent of brands expect to use text and multimedia messaging to reach audiences by 2008. In just one calendar year (2005-2006) the number of wireless application protocol (WAP) enabled mobile phones has jumped from 53 to 73 million in the U.S. Major brands such as the NFL, NASCAR, Pepsi, Snapple, Expedia, and Nike are leading a new move toward replacing mobile talk with mobile action.

Experts will show how the convergence of these brands together with continued momentum in mobile communities, unique content and technology improvements are rapidly changing the stakes in the urgency attached to going mobile.

The webinar will be presented by Carlson Marketing's Doug Rozen, vice president, interactive marketing; Jeremy Wright, CMO and co-founder, Enpocket; Jonathan Steur, Iconoculture; and moderated by John Gaffney, executive editor, 1to1 Media. These thought leaders will show companies:

  • The future: How they can embrace mobile marketing in the short-term What will this medium look like a year from now

  • Key statistics about the size of the mobile marketplace, its composition and the opportunities advertisers achieve by embracing it.

  • How to approach best practices in text messaging to drive customer engagement and to encourage customer intelligence initiatives.

  • How to use wireless application protocol (WAP) technology and how brands have used full screen full motion graphics to communicate brand messages to key customer groups.

  • All about content and community: What's on the third screen Who's watching it What are they talking about How is it different than internet media

Register today to check out the webinar. Mobile marketing is happening right now. Find out how to make it an essential part of your integrated marketing strategy.

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