Carlson Marketing Launches 'Engagement Builder' Research

Minneapolis | September 24, 2007

For the past 10 years, Carlson Marketing Worldwide has conducted research demonstrating that engagement - as measured by a consumer's relationship (trust, mutuality and commitment) to a company - is a powerful predictor of retention, recommendation, and purchases. Extending the concept now to employees, sales partners and franchisees, Carlson is launching a series of research activities under the banner "Carlson Engagement Builder." The outcome will be a better understanding of how events and engagement influence audience behaviors that in turn lead to superior sales.

"Attempting to engage employees though logic and facts has its limits," said Fay Beauchine, executive vice president, Global Meetings, Incentives & Events, Carlson Marketing. "Today, we now recognize the critical role emotions and feelings play in driving desired behaviors. To make it work requires a holistic view of how to develop a culture of positive engagement - including not only achievement, but also appreciation, innovation and other facets. Meetings, incentives and events are important methods for helping to build those emotive employee-to-employee and employee-to-company connections that drive success."

To ensure that Carlson Engagement Builder meets the needs of the industry, Carlson is gathering top-of-mind responses about key issues related to events and engagement from attendees at The Motivation Show, an annual gathering of professionals interested in inspiring employees, boosting sales and increasing market share with merchandise, incentive travel, meetings, gift cards and online services.

"This input will be used as the foundation for developing the 2008 research agenda for Carlson Engagement Builder," said Beauchine. The results from this most recent research will begin to appear in the spring of 2008.

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