Carlson Marketing's Digital Music Store, Upbeats, Now Offers mp3 Format Tracks

Minneapolis | December 05, 2007

Carlson Marketing's digital music store, Upbeats, has added mp3 format music from Universal Music Group, the largest family of record labels in the recording industry, as well as from hundreds of independent labels. Upbeats allows Carlson Marketing clients to award loyalty program participants with downloadable music. Only five other U.S. music stores, including retailers Best Buy, Wal-Mart and, have been cleared to offer mp3 tracks from Universal Music Group.

"Now people can download music in the format they want, to play on the device of their choice seamlessly," said Farhad Coovadia, director of merchant relations for Carlson Marketing. "This is a great benefit for our clients when they recognize and reward their best customers and employees. In the coming weeks we will be adding additional labels to Upbeats in mp3 format."

Carlson Marketing was the first agency in the industry to introduce a digital music store, creating an exclusive award category of digital music downloads. The program, developed in conjunction with Puretracks™, delivers all point earnings and redemption information electronically, eliminating the need to create and mail plastic gift cards. By eliminating cards, Carlson Marketing is able to leverage existing e-catalog and order management systems keeping costs low.

"This is an appealing and sought-after award for our clients to engage their customers, employees and channel partners with a relevant and contemporary offering," said Coovadia.

Carlson Marketing introduced Upbeats in March 2007. In the past few months, the growing partnership with Puretracks has allowed Carlson Marketing to offer digital music downloads to clients as part of employee engagement and customer loyalty programs. In addition, clients are able to measure return on investment through Puretracks extensive database that tracks promotional activities.

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