Carlson Marketing Demonstrates Employee Engagement with the Help of Second City

Minneapolis, MN | September 24, 2008

Proving that employee engagement is an art as well as a science, Jennifer Rosenzweig, senior director, Carlson Marketing and Tom Yorton, president and COO of Second City Communications, took innovation to the limits at the Motivation Show in Chicago today. In their educational session, "Not Just for Laughs with Second City: Improv is a Uniting Force for Employees," the two executives showed through skits, panel discussion and audience involvement the immediate unifying force of a team working together for laughs.

"Business can be overly rational," said Rosenzweig who has done extensive research on employee engagement. "But customers and employees also are people who are motivated by positive emotions. That's true outside the office as well as in the workplace." The Gallup Organization reported in a 2004 study that decision making is 70 percent emotional and just 30 percent rational. This means that appealing to the emotions is a strong motivator. From there, the rational brain searches to support the emotional decision.

The education session pointed out that leaders at best-in-class companies rely on innovative engagement strategies to support culture change and breathe new life into their organizations. "It's a fresh look at the service profit chain," said Rosenzweig referring to the concept detailed in the Heskett, Sasser and Schlesinger book, The Service Profit Chain. "Successful employee engagement leads directly to more loyal customers and greater profits. Many corporations unwittingly put employees in a passive, tell-me-what-to-do existence. Instead we need to develop more self-starters who are excited to make a difference in their organizations."

The intent of the improv session was to explore opportunities to promote enthusiasm and optimism through a variety of team activities and ultimately encourage discovery and risk taking. "The exercises stretch your comfort zone so you can perform well in everyday business situations that challenge passive activity. Employees need to stretch to help the company grow," said Rosenzweig. "With greater understanding, greater flexibility and more engaged employees comes greater opportunity."

The goal within a company would be to ensure that no employee would ever adapt the Henny Youngman hallmark phrase to "Take my job ... please."


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