Human Capital and Business Visionaries Join Forces to Establish the Worldwide Enterprise Engagement Alliance

Minneapolis, MN | September 23, 2008

Three leading organizations in the fields of human capital, business strategy and marketing have undertaken a unique joint effort to support the emerging area of Enterprise Engagement - the process of improving financial results by linking external marketing and customer loyalty to employee engagement and performance.

The three organizations are:

· The Human Capital Institute, Washington, D.C., one of the nation's fastest-growing organizations, with over 125,000 members
· Peppers & Rogers Group, Norwalk, Conn., the globally-recognized authority on customer strategy and one-to-one marketing founded by business visionaries Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., and publisher of 1to1 Magazine and related online publications
· Selling Communications Inc., Tarrytown, N.Y., a media, marketing and technology company that is a pioneer in integrated, permission-based marketing.

The collaborative effort, known as the Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA), is unique in that it brings together leaders in marketing and human capital to find ways to bridge the gap between business strategy and operations that often hinders organizational efforts to maximize customer satisfaction, employee engagement and financial results. The three organizations hope that their efforts will foster greater dialog and cross-fertilization between marketing, sales, human resources and operations in order to help organizations profit from the leadership and cross-functional management processes needed to engage customers and employees in a profitable way.

Participation in the Enterprise Engagement Alliance is open to any organization interested in employee and customer engagement, which involves a broad spectrum of issues, including leadership, communications, training, and rewards & recognition. The first organizations to become formally involved include: Carlson Marketing Worldwide, Dittman Incentive Marketing, EGR International, Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), Maritz, Inc. and The Incentive Group.

"Enterprise Engagement will become mission-critical to businesses in the coming years, as more and more companies recognize that creating a consistent positive customer experience is critical to long-term success," said Don Peppers, founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group. "The Internet has leveled the playing field. Research demonstrates that organizations that can inspire and enable their employees to consistently deliver great customer experiences generally do better over time than those that don't."

Said Allan Schweyer, executive director of the Human Capital Institute, "Many organizations think of their brands only in terms of their products. In fact, as more and more companies compete for fewer and fewer highly skilled employees in the coming years, the brand will also affect an organization's ability to attract and retain talent. We see a close inter-relationship between a company's product and service brand and its talent brand. This effort is designed to help better make that connection."

Selling Communications Inc. will support the effort by providing a venue for an annual worldwide conference on Enterprise Engagement in New York City (taking place in May of 2009), as well as by promoting and disseminating content developed by the Human Capital Institute, Peppers & Rogers Group and 1to1 Media through its own sales and marketing properties. The goal is to bring executives from sales, marketing and human resources together under one roof to actively participate in a unique dialog and to learn from best practices. The objective is to focus on how companies and organizations can best link external and internal marketing and communications initiatives to maximize customer satisfaction, message alignment and resource efficacy.

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers will be directly involved in the proprietary research and content development to strengthen and focus the EEA's ongoing education programs. All three founding enterprises will contribute speakers and expertise to develop the education plan. "Our mission is to document and prove the economic benefits available to those businesses who understand the distinct advantages of harnessing the collective synergies of engaged employees and empowered consumers," said Dr. Rogers, founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group.

"U.S. businesses collectively spend billions to get customers, but relatively little to keep them," said Bruce Bolger, president of Selling Communications Inc. "It is getting harder for companies to get away with having poor service and uninformed, unmotivated employees. Companies that get enterprise engagement right perform better over time, and that's the message we need to make sure corporate America understands and internalizes."

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About Peppers & Rogers Group
Peppers & Rogers Group, the globally-recognized leader in customer strategy, is dedicated to helping its clients improve business performance by acquiring, retaining and growing profitable customers. As products become commodities and globalization picks up speed, customers have become the scarcest resource in business. They hold the keys to higher profit today and stronger enterprise value tomorrow. We help clients achieve these goals by building the right relationships with the right customers over the right channels. We earn our keep by solving the business problems of our clients. By delivering a superior 1to1 Strategy, we remove the operational and organizational barriers that stand in the way of profitable customer relationships. We show clients where to focus customer-facing resources to improve the performance of their marketing.

As the independent publishing division of Peppers & Rogers Group, 1to1 Media provides resources that deliver current and relevant information on the latest thought leadership regarding customer strategy and marketplace trends. Led by 1to1 Magazine, 1to1 Media's print, electronic and custom publications explore the best practices, trends and developments from companies who are using customer initiatives to drive bottom-line impact.

About Human Capital Institute
HCI is a progressive, strategy-focused business organization that serves nearly 125,000 human capital professionals, line managers and executives. Through research and collaboration, our programs collect original, creative ideas from a field of top executives and the brightest thought leaders in strategic talent management. Those ideas are then transformed into measurable, real-world strategies that help our members attract and retain the best talent, build a diverse, inclusive workplace, and leverage individual and team performance throughout the enterprise.

In the emerging knowledge economy, talent and other non-tangible capital increasingly drive corporate value. The competitive strength of companies is no longer strictly tied to physical assets or resources, but to the intellectual attributes of their knowledge workers. Increasingly, corporations are competing on the basis of intellect, creativity, flexibility and execution. As a result, the fundamentals of human capital management are critical knowledge for today's HR professionals, line managers and C-level executives.

HCI helps organizations create and drive a talent mindset through the line and across the enterprise. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive learning environment that helps our members develop competitive, talent-focused organizations that link people, strategy and performance.

About Selling Communications Inc.
Selling Communications Inc. is one of the nation's first integrated media, marketing, and technology companies focusing on helping organizations improve organizational results by identifying and building relationships with the people most likely to buy. It's marketing services group and Solata integrated marketing technology group specialize in developing end-to-end customer relationship management strategies based on getting permission from customers and prospects; using content, special offers, and other tactics to help them in order to build profitable long-term relationships. SCI's media division publishes a trade show, publications, and Web sites related to engagement in business, including Motivation Strategies magazine (; the Sales Marketing Network at It is producer of the Enterprise Engagement Conference in New York in May.

About Carlson Marketing Worldwide
Carlson Marketing helps global Fortune 1000 clients increase their ROI by designing and delivering sales and marketing programs that drive measurable results. Carlson provides its clients with cool new marketing concepts, coupled with rock solid delivery across its two global service offerings - Brand Loyalty and Engagement & Events - supported by six core capabilities: Strategy & Planning; Creative, Interactive & Media; Incentive & Event Management; Award Services; Technology Services; and Decision Sciences.

Carlson Marketing employs 3,000 marketing professionals across 15 countries.

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