Carlson Relationship Builder Study Reveals How to Connect wtih Wireless Customers

MINNEAPOLIS | June 22, 2009

Carlson Marketing, the largest independent marketing services company in the U.S. and a recognized world leader in building loyalty, recently partnered with Peppers & Rogers Group, one of the world's leading authorities in customer-based strategies, to determine if building and strengthening customer relationships with wireless providers could accelerate business success.

"We uncovered many interesting facts about the telecommunications industry in our research," said Luc Bondar, global vice president, Loyalty, Carlson Marketing. "The biggest takeaway is that no wireless company has really excelled in developing strong customer relationships. Coupled with the other insights from the research, it means that companies that get the relationship part figured out will realize more value from their customers."

Carlson Marketing has analyzed relationships in several industries and also was able to conclude from the current study that the wireless industry has the lowest levels of relationship strength compared with the airline, automotive, financial services, and retail sectors.

Purpose of Study

The study set out to answer three questions: 1) Do customers have relationships with their wireless provider 2) What impact does the strength of those relationships have upon business outcomes such as the likelihood to recommend the wireless provider and to remain a customer 3) How can stronger relationships be developed

The answers to those questions are detailed in the Carlson Relationship Builder research report, "Connecting with Wireless Customers: The Relationship Opportunity." The report, as well as similar studies done for other industries, is available for free downloading at

The report clearly shows a correlation between relationship strength and customer behavior. As the relationship grows stronger, customers also have a stronger tendency to remain a customer, encourage family and friends to enroll with the wireless provider, and to actually purchase more products and services.

Among the extensive information provided in the study, Carlson Marketing discusses five insights and five actions marketing professionals in wireless companies should know.

INSIGHTS - Wireless providers can ...

  1. strengthen customer relationships.

  2. become differentiated.

  3. improve business results.

  4. not just buy strong relationships.

  5. not forget the importance of customer service.

ACTIONS - Wireless providers must ...

  1. deliver product quality.

  2. say "thank you," ask for feedback, and apologize when a mishap occurs.

  3. make communications customized and relevant.

  4. continue to innovate.

  5. understand the structure of customer relationships.

With "relationships" as the focus of the study, it's worthwhile to understand what "relationship strength" entails. Carlson Marketing defines relationship strength as the ability of the ongoing exchange between a company and a customer to grow and endure, and to resist any damaging forces that might destroy it. Strong relationships are characterized by:

  • Trust

    : a belief that the company has the best interest of the customer at heart, and can be depended upon for respect, openness, tolerance and honesty

  • Alignment

    : a two-way affiliation resulting in a rewarding experience which meets the mutual expectations of the company and the customer

  • Commitment

    : an enduring emotional attachment to the relationship

"The research shows that there is great opportunity for wireless providers to set themselves apart from the past," said Bondar. "Now it's just a question of which wireless provider will lead - and which providers will lag."

Visit to download the research report.

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