Measure Organizational Culture to Determine Employee Engagement

Minneapolis, MN | September 28, 2009

A new white paper from Carlson Marketing provides insights and actions on how to assess and manage a company's culture to produce desired business outcomes, principally profitability. As the world has moved from the Machine Age to the People Age, measurement has moved from counting widgets to counting relationship intangibles. The paper, "Untangling Employee Engagement: Measuring and Managing Organizational Culture," is available at

"Management focus has shifted over time from hard goods to intangibles like mission, vision, relationships and culture," said Patti Saari, author of the paper and vice president, Engagement & Events, Carlson Marketing. "We found that there are two elements that connect the employee to profitability: Positive Engagement and Relationship Strength."

The paper describes how to measure the six elements of Positive Engagement (Well-Being, Appreciation, Connection, Mastery, Innovation and Achievement) coupled with the elements of Relationship Strength (Trust, Commitment and Alignment) to develop a cultural picture of any organization. That information generates actions that lead to business success and profitability.

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