Gratitude Builds Employee Engagement More than You Think

Minneapolis, MN | September 28, 2009

The relationship between employee engagement and profitability has been well documented. And recent research by Carlson Marketing complements this body of knowledge. The study took a new twist, though, by looking at the effect of gratitude on employee engagement. The results were surprising.

"We used a variety of techniques to promote gratitude among our control group," said Patty Saari, vice president, Engagement & Events, Carlson Marketing. "They all showed a positive impact on relationship strength. But even more striking was the unexpected positive impact on the givers of gratitude."

That finding adds a new dimension to company recognition programs where the process of giving gratitude carries additional importance. Certainly the main intent is to strengthen the engagement of the recipient of the recognition, but knowing that the giver of the recognition also is affected leads to new ways of thinking about the process.

The details of the study are revealed in the Carlson Marketing white paper, "What Are You Grateful For The Link Between Engagement, Gratitude and Profitability," available at

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