Occupancy has stabilised in Q4 while rates continued to decrease

Brussels, Belgium | February 11, 2010

Comment from the CEO: "Occupancy reached 2008 levels in Q4, but rates continued to decrease. With limited visibility, it is still too early to assume this is the start of a recovery. We therefore continue to be prudent in preserving cash and controlling costs. The cost reduction programme has delivered according to plan. "With annual savings of MEUR 32 in operational costs and additional reductions of approximately MEUR 4 in central costs, we have established a new level of fixed costs, ensuring that Rezidor will be well positioned when market conditions improve.

"Perhaps the most significant accomplishment in 2009, however, was the record number of openings adding more than 7,000 rooms to the system. Of these new rooms, 87% were managed or franchised, thereby further reducing long-term risk to the company. Rezidor will continue to seek similar profitable growth opportunities in management contracts and in new, emerging markets."

-- Kurt Ritter, President & CEO.

Fourth quarter, 2009

  • RevPAR like-for-like decreased by 10.6% to EUR 61.9 (69.2). Like-for-like occupancy was 61.4% (61.7).

  • Revenue decreased by 3.9% or MEUR 7.6 to MEUR 186.0 (193.6). On a like-for-like basis Revenue decreased by 7.2%.

  • EBITDA was MEUR 9.7 (13.6), and EBITDA margin was 5.2% (7.0).

  • Loss after tax amounted to MEUR -0.3 (1.2).

  • Basic and diluted Earnings Per Share amounted to EUR 0.00 (0.01).

    Twelve months ending December, 2009

  • RevPAR like-for-like decreased by 16.4% to EUR 62.9 (75.3). Like-for-like occupancy was 62.1% (66.4).

  • Revenue decreased by 13.7% or MEUR 107.7 to MEUR 677.2 (784.9). On a like-for-like basis Revenue decreased by 13.6%.

  • EBITDA was MEUR 4.9 (70.9), and EBITDA margin was 0.7% (9.0).

  • Loss after tax amounted to MEUR -28.2 (26.1).

  • Basic and diluted Earnings Per Share amounted to EUR -0.19 (0.18).

  • Cash flow from operating activities amounted to MEUR -6.1 (61.9). Total available liquidity at the end of the period, including unutilised credit facilities, amounted to MEUR to 91.8 (123.9). Net debt/cash amounted to MEUR -7.5 (18.2).

    Other developments

  • Rezidor opened ca 2,200 rooms in the fourth quarter, of which 85% were managed or franchised. Three hotels, representing ca 370 rooms, left the system. In 2009, Rezidor opened ca 7,100 rooms, of which 87% were managed or franchised. 11 hotels, representing ca 1,100 rooms, left the system.

  • Rezidor signed 9 contracts for new hotels in the fourth quarter representing ca 1,900 rooms. In 2009, Rezidor signed 39 contracts for new hotels, totaling ca 7,800 rooms. 95% of the new rooms contracted during the year were managed or franchised.

  • The cost savings plan generated net savings in operational costs of MEUR 10 in the quarter and MEUR 32 during the year and, in addition, reductions of central costs of approximately MEUR 4 during the year.

  • The Board of Directors proposes no dividend (EUR 0.00).

    The full report is available on www.investor.rezidor.com.

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