One of the world's most beloved restaurants, TGI FridaysSM is truly one of a kind. Carlson operates 920 TGI FridaysSM in 60 countries and territories.*

In 1965, FridaysSM opened its first location in New York City. That first restaurant and bar gave people the opportunity to meet and connect with others in an invigorating environment — and for every guest, no matter when they came, every visit felt like Friday.

At Fridays, we promise to deliver the same sense of excitement and release people get on a Friday — at any time.

Whether it be lunch, dinner, or late night, we provide an environment that frees our guests to let go of the restraints of the day and be themselves. The world has changed a lot since 1965, but the need for the "Friday Feeling" has not.

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*As of Q4 2012