Carlson Wagonlit Travel history
Today Carlson Wagonlit Travel is the world's leading business travel management company with more than 20,000 employees in 150 countries. But we've been innovating and caring about travel management since the 19th century.

We have a long and dynamic history of mergers, acquisitions and expansion dating back to the 19th century: our present-day, cutting-edge, highly technological operation has its origins in the visions of two unique, service-oriented characters from the late 1800s.

Georges Nagelmackers was the Belgian inventor who created the concept of sleeping cars on trains in 1872. While his Wagon-Lits company got rolling across Europe, in the Florida town of St. Augustine, the ever-obliging Ward G. Foster was so well known for unofficially advising travelers about local train times that the Ask Mr. Foster travel agency — later to become Carlson Travel Network — was named in his honor.

CWT has traveled a very long way since our colorful forefathers first put the wheels of our company in motion: we now handle more than 51 million transactions each year with USD 24 million in sales generated by our activities.

But we remain driven by the same spirit that moved Nagelmackers and Foster: a desire to serve the traveler, to instigate, innovate and constantly improve the whole travel experience.